When you need help                              

If you and your adviser have given up, then you can contact ML Consult.  

Very high experience with consulting Danish and foreign companies about EU and Danish customs legislation, e.g.:

 The Union Customs Code, the Delegated Regulation and the Implementing Regulation
 The national Danish customs legislation and the instruction to it 
 The Danish excise duties
 The Danish VAT legislation - only concerning buying and selling goods without VAT
 Rulings from the Court of Justice of the European Union at the
customs territory of the Community

Consulting about the customs arrangements, which can be used by import into the EU, to decrease the payment of duty and :

 Classification of goods - only guidance answers
 The rules of customs valuation
 The preference rules of origin

All solutions will be given with reference to the legislation in force, e.g.

conventions from the WCO

 legislation from the European Union

rules from Danish customs authorities

at the customs territory of the Community